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Telemetry Hand Held Display TW-2.0-T

Unique to DLM the TW-2.0 Telemetry Hand Held Display is a multi functional wireless load monitoring unit designed to be used in conjunction any DLM manufactured Load Cell fitted with a transmitter module.

Multi featured, high precision unit with built in linearisation ensures reliable load readings while also being simple to use.


  • No external aerial
  • Pair with up to 4 x Load Cells for multiple load readings on the same hand set
  • Multiple handsets can be connected to a single Load Cell
  • Full range linearisation
  • Rugged design
  • Optional data retransmission for logging
  • Optional on board mini USB data logger
  • Colour coded customisation available


  • Weight indication for any Load cell fitted with DLM transmitter board

Available Models

Part Number Information
TW-2.0-T Telemetry hand held display
TW-2.0-T-232 Telemetry hand held display with RS232 retransmission
TW-2.0-T-A Telemetry hand held display with audible alarm
SW-2.0-TW232 Windows based PC package allowing for real time view of load outputs and data logs from TW-2.0-S-232 and TW-2.0-T-232 hand held displays.
SW-2.0-T-USB Telemetry hand held display with on board mini USB data logging


EnclosureHigh impact ABS with rubber grips
KeypadMembrane with tactile dome switches
Display12mm LCD, 8 Characters (including units indication)
Resolution5 digits min (4 digits for negative quantities), 6 digits max
Keys functionOn/Off/Tare/ Peak Hold/ Units/ Pairing/ Remote select/ Function key
RangeUp to 200m (typical line of sight ambient conditions)
Measuring RangesKg / Tonnes/ kN / lb
Battery Type2 x 1.25V - 1.5V AA Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable
Battery LifeUp to 80hrs continuous (6 months non-operational)
Operating Temp-20ºC to +55ºC (-30 ºC to +80 ºC storage)
Measurement rateAdjustable 1Hz – 100Hz, (2Hz default)
Telemetry Frequency2.4GHz band, IEEE802.15.4 transmission format
Serial RetransmissionRS232 (optional not standard)
Telemetry AntennaInternal
Data LoggingOn board data logging with mini USB connected/ integral USB port. (optional not standard)
Alarm80dB factory set overload alarm (optional not standard)
SoftwareRS232 and USB data logging access through DLM SW-2.0 logging software
ApprovalsFCC compliant for US use
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