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Acoustic Bight Release Hook

The 10t Release Hook offers a new method of wirelessly separating an underwater load from its crane. By using acoustics, rather than divers or ROVs with cutting equipment, this method has the potential to both reduce risk and save time.

The Release Hook consists of a heavy duty strong back and lever system that amplifies the load capability of an Applied Acoustics’ 529P Release beacon, and a standard AAE surface control unit, typically a 3510 PAM Portable. Once the load is in position a remote acoustic signal received from the surface unit triggers the hinged hook to open, releasing the load, allowing the frame unit itself to be recovered in its entirety for re-use.

Useful for bight release applications in the cable laying and repair industry, this acoustic Release Hook is also suited for coastal construction operations on wind farm sites, lowering work baskets or other subsea structures, separating lift bags from their loads or as a method of marking subsea infrastructures that are at risk of damage from surface activity.


  • 10 tonne release capability
  • Commanded by 3510 PAM or 2520 PAM, Easytrak Lite or Nexus USBL
  • Positive lever drive off with load assist release
  • Upgrade option for existing 529P beacons


  • Cable work operations
  • Crane and winch wire detachment
  • Submerged buoy recovery
  • Complementary to lift bag operations

Dimensional Data

Hook Specification

Part Number: 0001 – 1117

SWL10t (including 4 x factor of safety)
Operating depth1000m
Weight in air60kg
Weight in water40kg
Overall length112cms
Maximum height (inc cage)120cms
Master link part numberGunnebo M-1613-10

529P Acoustic Release Beacon

Housing material; hard anodised aluminium


TypeAlkaline (Set of 3; Rx, Tx, Motor)
Listening life4 months

Two-Way Communication

FrequencyMF, 17 to 32kHz
Status telemetryAcknowledge arm, Acknowledge
release, Battery
CommandsArm, Release, Battery Status,
ID Commands, Tilt

Compatibility and Configuration

Internally configured Command/Control16 identities

Topside Control 3510 PAM Portable

Case size390 x 310 x 170mm
TemperatureStorage: -20°C to +60°C
Operation: 0°C to +40°C
External power supplyInput: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz
Output: 24Vdc
Battery life6 hours

3190 Dunking Transducer

Robust stainless steel transducer with integral cable and transducer protection cage. Operation subsea with ranging, relocation, acoustic release and telemetry.

Size100mm Ø x 276.5mm excluding cable relief
Cable length (attached)30m standard
Depth rating50m


3510 PAM Portable, 2520 PAM
Easytrak Lite
Easytrak Nexus
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