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May 3, 2017

On the 7th of May 2017 a new EU directive EU2015/719 will formally enter law which will require shippers with goods loaded in containers and swap bodies to provide hauliers with a “statement of compliance” that demonstrates the weight of the cargo and transport unit added to the weight of the truck and chassis will not exceed legal weight limits on the road.

In response to these regulations and in order to support the shipping industry, we at Dynamic Load Monitoring have various Load Cells and weighing devices which are able to provide accurate VGM’s for varying different applications. In particular, we have developed a Container Monitoring System which is able to be retrofitted into existing spreaders used on various port vehicles including Reach Stackers, Straddle Carriers, RTG’s and Ship to Shore Cranes. The system consists of four bespoke Twistlock Load Cells matching the exact ISO requirements for Twistlocks and with a 6:1 safety factor, a HMI monitoring screen designed for use in the cab and other additional features like printers, remote access and integration to TOS.

In addition to the our Container Monitoring System and other Load Cells, we are also authorised distributors for Dini Argeo equipment and are therefore able to provide Weigh Bridges, Scales and other trade approved weighing equipment which is suitable for these regulations.

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