Container Monitoring System

January 6, 2017

In response to the IMO SOLAS VI Regulation 2 amendment stating that all ocean going containers are weighed and assigned a VGM prior to shipping, DLM Design took up the challenge of developing a Load Monitoring system which could be mounted into port terminal vehicles.

After months of research and development and significant resource, DLM Design decided upon the Twistlock Load Cell as the most suitable method for monitoring the load of the containers while also allowing for centre of gravity measurement through the integration with a Siemens PLC and HMI display. The PLC has the ability to integrate with TOS systems either via a WLAN connection or a GSM mobile data connection. Remote access also enables fault finding or remote monitoring whilst the lift equipment is in use.

DLM feel that the Twistlock is the optimum position to monitor a containers weight, it is below any spreader/lifting gear on the equipment, it is also positioned at the outer extremities of the container which allows for the most accurate centre of gravity calculations. The load monitoring Twistlocks also enable lifting equipment like Straddle Carriers to accurately weigh during twin lift operations.

The Twist Lock Load Cell and Container Monitoring System was designed to provide the VGM of each container, but also to provide many additional features for enhanced ROI, including:

  • Accurate Centre of Gravity calculation
  • Overload Monitoring
  • Overload Reporting
  • Integration to Terminal Operating System (TOS)
  • Usage Reporting

The Twistlock Load Cell and Container Monitoring System can be used in Straddle Carriers, Reach Stackers, Ship to Shore Cranes, RTG’s and rail & ocean freight.

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