Hawser Load Monitoring System

January 6, 2017

DLM Design have designed and manufactured several complete load monitoring systems for monitoring mooring hawser load which is a primary parameter to be monitored during CALM buoy operation. The systems aid in ensuring that the buoy is operated safely and can be designed such that they log loads on the buoy for later analysis or provide real-time data to the mooring master on the tanker or to a shore control room.

System Features:

  • Stainless Steel Load Pins
  • Waterproof Connectors
  • Alarms – Local or Remote
  • Telemetry
    • AIS (VHF)
    • UHF
    • GSM – SMS Alarms
  • Solar / Battery Power System
  • Fabrication
  • Hazardous Area Equipment

DLM Load Pins are custom designed and manufactured to suit the type of buoy and application as shown in the examples below. All Load Pins are manufactured from 17-4PH H1150 + 1150 Stainless Steel with certification to 3.1 as a minimum. The Load Pins have good corrosion properties while also working well as double shear load cells. All Strain Gauges are applied internally and fully sealed to provide many years of reliable operation.

Marine grade cable with moulded waterproof connectors run from the Load Cells to the instrumentation that can fit existing spaces or be skid mounted for easy retrofit.

Where remote monitoring is required a range of Telemetry options are available to transmit to the buoy data to the location it is needed.

DLM systems typically feature a PLC at its heart but are tailored to the requirements of each user and can integrate other instruments and sensors.

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