DLM Wins British Engineering Excellence Award 2020.

April 12, 2021

DLM has showcased once again the remarkable capabilities of a small company going above and beyond in the design and manufacturing industry by winning a British Engineering Excellence Award (BEEA). The BEEAs were established in 2009 as a means to demonstrate the high calibre of engineering design and innovation within the UK.

DLM situates it’s self in multiples sectors, including the offshore wind industry, subsea, marine, oil & gas and lifting & rigging. DLM has been a family-run business since it was established; however since the takeover of another family eight years ago, DLM has undergone a significant overhaul. The first change was migrating to online processes opposed to paper, ensuring the business ran smoothly and more efficiently- one of multiple significant changes that saw the company win the British Engineering Excellence Award for Small Company of the Year 2020. 

What made DLM stand out from the rest? The BEEA judges said: “To succeed in this category, [we] were looking for a company with a sound business plan, a product or service that meets a market need and the successful reception of that product. They also wanted to see evidence of either competing successfully with much larger rivals or exploiting a viable market niche. DLM has managed to succeed despite competition from larger organisations as it differentiates itself from competitors by finding a niche in the market and specialising in custom built load pin as well as offering the standard tensile link load cells that other, larger competitors offer”.

In 2015 DLM secured a funding grant, which meant it acquired a second building adjacent to its current headquarters in Southampton, UK. The grant allowed them to expand the workshop space to encompass two new tension and compression machines which has enabled it to test a range of new products and test equipment in house. 

Moreover, in order to maintain a competitive edge DLM ensures great customer service to each and every client. A recent survey of DLM customers illustrates 94.7% of customers were very satisfied or satisfied with the service they received, ranging from calibration services, custom built products or selling and hire of their standard product fleet. 

DLM is proud of what it does and the quality of products that it produces, and it believes the quality of products gains a competitive edge over other companies. It uses local machining companies and manufactures its goods on site to the highest standard. 92.9% of current customers said they were satisfied with the quality of products that they have received.

The company is always looking at ways to improve not just its customer service and quality of its products but also its product range. It keeps abreast of latest information within the industry by attending and exhibiting at conferences and networking events across the globe.

Furthermore, DLM has exceeded in the category of innovative small companies by managing to succeed despite competition from larger organisations. It proudly differentiates itself from competitors by finding a niche in the market and specialising in custom built load pins, as well as offering the standard tensile link load cells that other larger competitors offer.

For more information on this editorial, please contact our Marketing Assistant: Jodie Donelan at: media@dlm-uk.com.

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