Koreans do Seoul Business with DLM

October 11, 2017

A South Korean Cable Laying company visited Dynamic load Monitoring’s (DLM) Head Office in Southampton last month for product training on DLM’s unique cable working equipment soon to be used on an up and coming PLGR (Pre Lay Grapnel Run) project.

PLGR is an operation undertaken prior to laying cable and is used to clear the route, by the use of various Grapnels (also supplied by DLM) being deployed along the seabed trailing behind a vessel

The Saddleback Monitor, designed and manufactured by DLM, is used to measure line tension on Winch rope during PLGR operations and can also be used for delicate fibre optic cable during laying. The line tension is measured by the cable passing over the chute and deflecting the load cell mounted beneath. Speed or distance of the cable can also be measured by the roller arm incorporated within the Saddleback. The device is able to detect when the grapnels on the end of the line are caught on an obstacle on the seabed, by observing peaks in line tension during PLGR. The Saddleback is also critical to safety and can be fed back to the Winch control in order to allow the Winch to render if the tension increases beyond set points, preventing wire rope breakages and also protecting clients cable when used for cable laying.

Some of the main features exclusive to DLM’s Saddleback design include lifting eyes and securement plates, optional frame and goal posts for cable guidance along with the huge benefit that it can be used with a wide range of cable diameters without changing wheel sets, like you would have to with line tension monitors.

The South Korean company flew over to receive training on the saddleback monitor last month, where DLM’s technical engineers were able to give demonstrations of the products functionality, calibration and maintenance procedures. The Saddleback is due to be used in up and coming operations in the Philippines and the Pacific Ocean, along with other projects going forward.

Martin Halford, Managing Director from DLM comments ‘ The client approached us from an existing clients recommendation and also finding our products through an online search for proven methods to measure the cable tension during cable operations, in particular PLGR. Due to our expertise in the supplying of products to the Cable laying industry,  we were able to work with the client and suggest various options, with the most suitable being the Saddleback Monitor. We do work with a lot of international clients and it is really beneficial to have the opportunity for us both to share practical experiences from the field to the benefit of both parties, along with practical training to ensure operations run smoothly. We are looking forward to providing assistance going forward and will be on hand to provide assistance 24/7 as the industry dictates.’


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