J Tube Pull Tension Monitoring

May 17, 2013

Our involvement with the Offshore Cable Laying Industry has recently led us to develop a unique system for monitoring the Line tension on power cable installations for Offshore Wind Farms. Predominantly used in line with a Winch mounted to the offshore platform the device measures the line tension on Winch cable during the J-Tube pull ensuring a safe and painless installation.


The J Tube Pull Tension Monitoring System consists of a DLM SL-2.0 Tensile Load Link connected to a local rugged Peli-case type display for displaying the load, this display is fitted as standard with an overload audible alarm and an external antenna for wireless communication to a remote device displaying load, usually installed on the cable laying vessel itself during operation. With options for local and remote data logging, it has proved to be a huge success and maximized safety and productivity when installing cable.

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