A feeling of belonging from the get-go: Matt’s experience of working for DLM 

Matt Hill | Marketing Assistant


Matthew Hill had been working as a Marketing Assistant at DLM for three months when we caught up with him to find out about his thoughts on the recruitment process and what it’s like working with the DLM team. 


What stood out about DLM for you? 

I was drawn to the role at DLM because of the technical capabilities of the company. I have a degree in digital marketing which I think gives me a natural curiosity for all things tech! 

Knowing it was a family business and that I’d be office-based also made the role much more attractive to me. I’ve worked remotely before and whilst it was a good experience, I prefer working with other members of the team in person so was keen to find a job with a nice office environment to work in.  

Lastly, they advertised the pay range which is always a good sign and there is free parking on site – always a bonus. 


The recruitment process 

I was recruited through an agency and the process involved two face-to-face interviews. DLM provided contact details for the hiring manager which I thought was good as it meant I was able to speak directly to a member of the company if I needed. 

I had the first interview and was offered a second within a week. Both interviews were more than an hour long, which was a huge positive for me, as it gave me enough time to ask all of the questions I had about the role and the company. I felt at ease and not rushed at any point.  

At the end of the second interview, I was shown around the office to meet the team, something that I’d never experienced in an interview before. They offered me the job before the end of the second interview which took away the anxiety of waiting for a phone call! It was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. 


Induction and the first few weeks 

Wanting to get started as soon as possible, I decided to have a staggered start and came into the office on my days off, while working my notice in my previous job.  

I was given my laptop, started to learn about current and future products and was started on work tasks that helped me get familiar with DLM. I felt comfortable right from the start and had absolutely no doubt that this was the job for me.  


Systems access and training 

All the software I needed to carry out the role was on my laptop when I first started. If I find new software or apps to help me in my role, I can explain to my manager why it would be useful and she always considers my request fairly. 

DLM is dedicated to providing ongoing training for staff. It’s something I talk about with my manager in all my 1:1s, she suggests ideas for training and reviews my own requests. 


What projects have you particularly enjoyed? 

A definite high point was helping the team get ready for an event at the Houses of Parliament, lobbying on behalf of the Lifting Equipment Engineering Association (LEEA). 

I studied a report and from that research, I prepared informative materials for the event. It was important to make sure the team had memorable marketing materials to entice MPs to start a conversation. Knowing my work was having an impact made it really rewarding.  


What’s next for marketing at DLM? 

We have two new products going to market soon which is exciting! From a marketing perspective that involves writing manuals, brochures, press releases, social posts and preparing for trade shows.  

Our next trade show is in November. So far I’ve been to trade shows in Southampton, Peterborough and London. They’re always an enjoyable experience and it’s nice to meet some of our potential clients face-to-face! 


What’s next for you in your career? 

I’ve recently completed my Masters in Digital Marketing. I hope to experience natural progression within the business, going from running projects day-to-day to managing bigger projects.  

I’m looking forward to working with my manager to develop the marketing strategy and to make sure we’re making the most of our budget each year. It’s nice to work in a place that doesn’t have a top-down approach – they listen to my ideas, reward my good work and make me feel appreciated for what I do.