Detrenching Grapnel


The Detrenching Grapnel is manufactured from high tensile steel, suitable for withstanding the harsh offshore environments. The structure and material of the grapnel is tested using finite element analysis which is performed during the design phase. This simulates the various stresses and strains acting on the grapnel in a variety of different seabed conditions and allowed for optimisation of the design.

The Grapnel itself is scissor shaped at one end, which is designed to break the surface of the seabed and fitted with stabilising bars at the other end, to assist its dynamics and balance in the water column, while also for use in the seabed. In addition, there is an option to fit two Tynes if required either side of the grapnel, Tynes are removable and fitted with wear tips at the end, prolonging Tyne life.

The Detrenching grapnel has been designed to withstand tow tensions of up to 15t. It has a built-in shear pin rated to a breaking load of 15t which shears and protects the tow line and the Tyne if tension is exceeded beyond this point.

Key features

  • Manufactured from high strength structural steel
  • Removable shear pin to prevent damage in overload conditions
  • Replacement wear tips
  • Wide stabilisers to improve subsea stability- removable for storage
  • Flux core welding for increased strength


  • Detrenching buried subsea cables (Power or telecoms)
  • Subsea cable recovery for repair
  • Removal of out of service cables
  • Route Clearance

Dimensional data

Part Number Description A B C D E F WLL Proof Load
0001-1426 670mm 3018mm 3080mm 670mm 1362mm 1100mm 1140mm 15t 22.5t
0001-1427 1070mm 3528mm 3080mm 1070mm 1707mm 1100mm 1140mm 15t 22.5t
0001-1428 1500mm 4818mm 3080mm 1500mm 2111mm 1100mm 1140mm 15t 22.5t
0001-1429 1800mm 5718mm 3080mm 1800mm 2543mm 1100mm 1140mm 15t 22.5t

Spares and Accessories

Part Number Description
P0040-1245 Fluke Tooth
P0040-1246 Tooth Retainer set
P0050-0716 35t Shackle
S0070-0047 670mm Fluke
S0070-0020 1070mm Fluke
S0070-0023 1500 Fluke
S0070-0045 1800mm Fluke
0070-0022 Stabiliser and Bolts
P0040-1152 Shear Pin 670mm
P0040-0931 Shear Pin 1070mm
P0040-1025 Shear Pin 1500mm
P0040-1149 Shear Pin 1800mm
P0040-0933 Inner Bush
P0040-0934 Outer Bush
P0040-0932 Pivot Pin