Pyramid Anchor


The Pyramid Anchor is able to achieve approximately 10 times its weight in holding power once deployed and embedded in the seabed.

The shape of the anchor induces a high suction effect which allows for the increased holding power over other traditional alternatives. It also allows for easy seabed penetration due to the pyramid shape which concentrates the impact load at the point.

Key features

  • Manufactured from high strength structural steel
  • Rapid seabed penetration
  • Large surface area to increase suction effects
  • Painted using marine grade paint


  • Boat moorings
  • Marker buoy moorings
  • Dock moorings

Dimensional data

Part Number Description A B C
0001-1420 250kg Pyramid Anchor 505mm 260mm 580mm
0001-1436 1000kg Pyramid Anchor 1100mm 660mm 825mm

Spares and Accessories

Part Number Description
0050-0712 12t Shackle