Sliding Prong Grapnel


The Sliding Prong Grapnel comprises a square cross-section shank on which are slid double prongs in alternate directions. Broken or damaged prongs can be slipped off and renewed. Prongs are in three sizes, known as A, B and C. Type C is the largest prong and is usually used when the cable is believed to be buried.

Key features

  • Manufactured from high strength structural steel
  • Rounded edge on wings to protect cable sheaves
  • Removable/replaceable prongs in the event of damage
  • Painted using marine grade paint


  • PLGR (Pre Lay Grapnel Run)
  • Designed for use over sand, clay or mud seabeds
  • Recovering or clearing cables which are believed to be buried
  • Maintenance of cable systems

Dimensional data

Part Number Description A B C WLL Proof Load
0001-1170 Sliding Prong Type A (4 Prongs) 1730mm 400mm 350mm 12t 18t
0001-1171 Sliding Prong Type B (3 Prongs) 1730mm 700mm 550mm 12t 18t
0001-1172 Sliding Prongs Type C (2 Prong) 1730mm 1000mm 880mm 12t 18t

Spares and Accessories

Part Number Description
0070-0048 Sliding Prong Shank
0070-0049 Sliding Prong Type A
0070-0050 Sliding Prong Type B
0070-0050 Sliding Prong Type C