Telemetry Dongle TD-3.0


The TD-3.0 Telemetry Dongle is a USB multi-functional
load monitoring device, designed and developed by
Dynamic Load Monitoring.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a handheld
or as a stand alone unit. This Telemetry Dongle can
be paired with 12 TW-3.0 devices from a PC and is
designed to be used with the TW-3.0 Toolkit.

This multi-feature, high precision unit ensures
reliable load readings, whilst also being simple to
operate. It can be used in conjunction with any DLM
manufactured load cell, just look out for the d+ logo on
our products

Key features

  • Creates networks comprising of up to 12 individual devices from a single handheld display.
  • Up to 600m wireless range
  • Ability to customise the load cell name
  • USB data logging
  • Built in pulse measurement to show speed and distance
  • Built in signal checker
  • Specially designed to work in high noise environments


  • Load testing operations from a PC
  • PC-based load monitoring
  • For use with wireless RLMs

Product specification

Enclosure Slimline plastic enclosure
Connection USB 2.0 Type A
Antenna connection SMA
Antenna gain 2 dBi
Resolution 5 digits
Measuring ranges Kg/Metric Tonnes/US Tons/Kips/kN/lb
Operating temperature -20 to +60c
Range Up to 600m range (line of sight)
Frequency 2.4GHz
Measurement rate 4 to 0.03Hz (4 times per second to once per 30 seconds)
Software TW-3.0 tookit
USB data logging Sample rates from 4Hz to 0.03Hz
Approvals UKCA, CE, FCC, and IC tested and compliant

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