Load Test Software


The TW-3.0 Load Test software from DLM is a software platform designed to complement
DLM’s TW-3.0 range of products within the lifting industry. Used as a tool for assisting the
recording of test results and generation of certificates during a load test, the software is able to be loaded onto a Windows PC and accept the output from a TW-3.0 handheld display.

The Load Test Software allows the user to enter lifting equipment details, test information and client details, it then samples the load output from the TW-3.0 handheld display paired with a DLM Load Cell. At the end of the test a graph showing the applied load is generated and added to a PDF test certificate evidencing that the required load has been attained. The test certificate is able to be branded with company details, all at the simple click of a button.

Key features

  • Enter report and equipment details
  • Insert company header image for the certificate
  • Perform a Live Load Test or upload TW-3.0 handset logging file
  • PDF certificate/report generated at the end of the test
  • Graph on certificate to prove your lifting equipment has taken the required load
  • Option to add LEEA logo to the certificate for LEEA members


  • Crane and Davit Proof Load Testing
  • Bollard testing
  • Pad eye testing
  • Water bag testing

Product specification

Part Number: 0001-1279
Equipment Required: Windows PC, TW-3.0 Load Cell, TW-3.0 Handheld, Male USB to Male Micro USB Cable
Display Units: Tonne
Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or above RAM: 512MB or above File Size: 5MB CPU: 1GHz or faster processor Microsoft .NET Framework Version: 4.6.2 or above