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DLM design and manufacture custom displays for various different monitoring applications using readily available off the shelf components. The displays are built suitable for rugged environments and can be easily maintained.

All DLM displays are designed and built to be user friendly and easy to maintain. With bolt on modules for additional comm’s or data logging options, most monitoring applications can be easily catered for.

DLM’s flexibility and engineering knowledge enables displays to be tailored to clients exacting requirements. They can also be integrated into various monitoring systems and provide a complete monitoring solution.

Example uses

  • Permanent load monitoring equipment
  • Running line monitors
  • Saddlebacks
  • Winch load / Pay-out monitoring
  • Cable tensioner load / Distance monitoring
  • Cable counters
  • Portable load monitoring
  • Process monitoring


Enclosure OptionsRugged Peli Case IP67 / Polyglass Enclosure with viewing window IP66 / Stainless Steel Enclosure IP66
Display OptionsBright Red LED Panel Meters / Dual Line tri-colour Panel Meters / HMI Displays / Analogue dials
Power Options95-240VAC mains / Internal Rechargeable battery pack / Mains backup battery
Sensor Input OptionsLoad Cell (mV) / Analogue (4-20mA / 0-10V) / Serial (RS232 / RS485) / Encoder (Quadrature Push-Pull) / Ethernet / Other
Example Display UnitsLoad (Tonnes, Kg, Lbs, kN, etc) as required / Distance (m, km, etc) programmed as required / Speed (km/hr, m/s etc) programmed as required / Pressure (Bar, PSI etc) programmed as required
Retransmission/Comm's OptionsRS232 / RS485 / 4-20mA / 0-10V / Ethernet / Networking capability / Remote viewing via modem and web browser / Alarm relays
Hardware AdditionsAudible Alarms / Light beacons / Winch cut-out relays / Protocol conversion, communicate easily between many different PLC's / Internal Datalogging with access to logs through web browser and real time viewing. Removable CF card / Network switches
Software AdditionsData logging software / Real time PC viewer
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