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Standard Handheld Display TW-3.0-S

The TW-3.0-S Standard Handheld Display is a modern, slimline, multi functional load monitoring device which is unique to DLM.

This innovative design is built with the user in mind. It has a large, high quality LCD screen which is optically bonded removing the need for a back light and improving clarity in bright sunlight. For ease of use each handheld can be given a customisable friendly name made visible on the screen to make instant identification possible.

This multi featured high precision unit ensures reliable load readings while also being simple to operate.


  • Connects to a single load cell via cable connection
  • Ability to customise load cell name
  • Internal audible alarm (90dB @ 0.1 / 75dB @1m)
  • USB data logging
  • RS232 serial or 0-5V analogue output
  • Built in pulse measurement to show speed and distance
  • Rolling average feature for unsteady loads
  • High quality optically bonded LCD display to improve clarity in bright sunlight


  • Weight indication for any cable load cell fitted with DLM TW-3.0 transmitter board
  • Speed and distance display to work with Running Line Monitor and Saddlebacks

Available Models

Part Number Information
TW-3.0-S-S Standard handheld with alarm output
TW-3.0-S-A-AO Advanced handheld with additional analogue output
TW-3.0-S-A Advanced handheld with alarm, USB logging and RS232 output


EnclosureSlimline IP67 plastic enclosure
KeypadMembrane with tactile dome switches
Display400x240 Transflective LCD
Bridge Excitation2.5VDC
Resolution5 digits
Keys functionOn/Off / Tare/ Peak Hold/ Units.
Measuring RangesKg / Metric Tonnes / US Tons / Kips/ kN / lb
Battery Type3 x AA
Battery Life>150 hours
Operating Temp-20ºC to +60C
Measurement rate4 to 0.03Hz (4 times per second to once per 30 seconds)
Serial RetransmissionRS232 via USB / Serial convertor. Customisable ASCII string
AlarmInternal alarm (90dB @ 0.1m / 75dB @1m)
SoftwareRS232 data logging
USB data-logging Sample rates from 4Hz to 0.03Hz. Stored to micro USB key
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