DLM wins innovation award

August 9, 2015

IMG_2190DLM recently exhibited at Seawork in Southampton Docks and proudly displayed their latest new product development the Acoustic Load Shackle. The unique load monitoring product was entered into the Seawork innovation showcase and we are delighted to announce that it won the award for Innovation in the Marine Equipment, Electronics and Materials category. The Acoustic Load Shackle was a joint venture between Dynamic Load Monitoring and Applied Acoustics based in Great Yarmouth and provides an new revolutionary method for monitoring tensile loads underwater to depths of 2000 metres plus

The Award was presented to DLM’s Managing Director Martin Halford and Electronic Engineer Chris Scrutton (the Designer of the Load Shackle) at an awards ceremony hosted by DNV. Martin commented “At DLM we place a strong emphasis on design and development, we have a small team of Design Engineers developing new products like the Acoustic Load Shackle all of the time, which keep us at the forefront of industry. With the help of key partners like Applied Acoustics we have been able to fuse together two robust and proven technologies in order to provide a 1st class product”

Ideal for Mooring Lines or Subsea installations, the underwater wireless unit can communicate with Applied Acoustics PAM display units and is available in load ranges from 12t to 250t and above based on Crosby Shackles.

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