Flatfish Grapnel


The Flatfish Grapnel consists of a large diamond-shaped plate with two prongs. A wide semi-circular seat is set at the base of the prongs.

It is useful in all depths on soft or smooth seabeds especially when the cable is in poor condition, as the large seat minimises damage to the cable. It can be supplied with short or long prongs.

Key features

  • Manufactured from high strength structural steel
  • Machined blade holders for accurate fitment
  • Rounded Edge on wings to protect cable sheaves
  • Painted using marine grade paint


  • PLGR (Pre Lay Grapnel Run)
  • Designed for use in all water depths on soft or smooth seabeds
  • Cutting cable when fitted with blades, curved for lightweight cable, flat for armoured cable
  • Recovering cable when fitted with glove
  • Maintenance of cable systems

Dimensional data

Part Number Description A B WLL Proof Load
0001-1160 Flatfish Long Prong 1010mm 650mm 13t 26t
0001-1161 Flatfish Short Prong 750mm 570mm 13t 26t

Spares and accessories

Part Number Description A B C
0050-0712 12t Shackle - - -
0050-1095 26mm Hammer Lok Coupling - - -
0001-1435 Shear Pin - - -
0001-1163 Glove 400 215 240
0001-1164 Flatfish Armoured Blade Straight (4 per set) 277 178 25
0001-1187 Flatfish Lightweight Blade Curved (4 per set) 270 178 25