Standard Cable Counter SCC-2.0


The DLM Standard Cable Counter is, as the name suggests, a widely used and highly effective cable measuring device. Frequently used on cable laying vessels it combines durable, robust design with high reliability.

The counter is fitted with a measuring wheel which supplies data via the sealed rotary quadrature shaft encoder. The counter can be supplied with a DLM pelicase display or as a stand alone unit supplying just the quadrature encoder output for integration into clients existing systems.

Description: Counter Frame

Part number: 0001 – 1212

Description: Display

Part Number: 0001-1228

Key features

  • Wheel provides excellent traction with 70-80 durometer polyurethane cover
  • Adjustable frame height
  • Sealed rotary enclosure with IP67 connectors
  • Supplied with signal cable and displays as required


  • Cable laying operations
  • Industrial cable measurement
  • Cable transfer
  • Cable loading

Product specification

Frame Height Range: 1 metre
Roller Wheel Width: 230mm
Suitable for Cable Diameters: 17mm to 230mm
Track Width: 400mm
Total Length: 1.2metre
Cable Guidance Arms Max Opening: 420mm
Encoder Output: Push pull quadrature
Wheel Distance per Revolution: 1 metre

Display Specification

Enclosure: Rugged pelicase display or wooden crate
Speed/Distance Meter: Bright red digital LED Red Lion PAXI meter
Exterior Switches: IP67 rated On/Off switch / IP67 rated reset switch
Re-transmission: RS232 or RS485
Power Supply: 90-250VAC power supply
Counter Cable Connector: Cable glands
Counter Accuracy: 1% (assuming clean roller and no cable slip)
Signal Cable: 20 metres as standard