Gifford Grapnel


The Gifford Grapnel is usually used in conjuction with the Rennie. It is made up in units of four hooks at right angles to each other. The hooks resemble a crane hook with a broad hook seat to form a cup to hold the hooked cable. It can be used on any type of bottom but originally designed for rocky or coral environments.

The standard size can accept cables to approximately 51mm diameter.

Key features

  • Cast from high strength alloy
  • Casting removes any sharp edges which could damage cables
  • Each grapnel is proof tested to ensure strength
  • Painted using marine grade paint


  • PLGR (Pre Lay Grapnel Run)
  • Designed for rocky or coral environments
  • Recovering and clearing cables up to 90mm diameter (large Gifford) and 51mm diameter (Small Gifford)
  • Maintenance of cable systems
  • Used in conjunction with Rennie

Dimensional data

Part Number Description A B C WLL Proof Load
0001-1156 Gifford Grapnel assembly small 2020mm 464mm 148mm 17t 34t
0001-1157 Gifford Grapnel assembly large 2520mm 614mm 177mm 13t 26t

Spares and Accessories

Part Number Description
0040-1081 Single Gifford Grapnel Large
0040-1082 Single Gifford Grapnel Small
0050-1095 26mm Hammer Lok Coupling
0050-0712 Shackle