Standard Handheld Display TW-3.0-S


The TW-3.0-S Standard Handheld Display is a modern, slimline, multifunctional load monitoring device which is unique to DLM. This innovative design is built with the user in mind. It has a large, high quality LCD screen which is optically bonded removing the need for a backlight and improving clarity in bright sunlight. For ease of use, each standard handheld display can be given a customisable friendly name made visible on the screen to make instant identification possible. This multi featured high precision unit ensures reliable load readings while also being simple to operate. It can be used in conjunction with any DLM-manufactured load cell, just look for the d+ logo on our products.

Available Models:

  • TW-3.0-S-S | 0001-1269 | Standard handheld with audible alarm output
  • TW-3.0-S-A | 0001-1270 | Advanced handheld with alarm, USB logging, and RS232 output
  • TW-3.0-S-A-AO | 0001-1271 | Advanced handheld with additional analogue output

Key features

  • Connects to a single load cell via cable connection
  • Ability to customise load cell name
  • Internal audible alarm (90dB @ 0.1m /  75dB @ 1m)
  • USB data logging
  • RS232 serial or 0-5V analogue output
  • Built in pulse measurement to show speed and distance
  • Rolling average feature for unsteady loads
  • High quality optically bonded LCD display to improve clarity in bright sunlight


  • Weight indication for any cable load cell fitted with DLM TW3.0 transmitter board
  • Speed and distance display to work with Running Line Monitors and Saddlebacks

Product specification

Enclosure Slimline IP67 plastic enclosure
Keypad Membrane with tactile dome switches
Display 400x240 Transflective LCD
Bridge excitation 2.5VDC
Resolution 5 digits
Keys function On/off / Tare / Peak hold / Units
Measuring ranges Kg / Metric Tonnes / US Tons / Kips / kN / lb
Protection IP67
Battery type 3xAA
Battery life (constant use) > 150 hours   
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
Measurement rate 4 to 0.03Hz (4 times per second to once per 30seconds)
Serial retransmission RS232 via USB / Serial convertor. Customisable ASCII string
Analogue Output 0-5VDC via splitter cable from handheld connector
Alarm Internal alarm (90dB @ 0.1m / 75dB @1m)
Software RS232 data logging
USB data logging Sample rates from 4Hz to 0.03Hz. Stored to micro USB key
Approvals UKCA and CE tested and compliant

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