Multi Logger Software


The TW-3.0 Multi Logger Software from DLM is designed to complement DLM’s TW-3.0-T
range of products. It is used for monitoring and logging data for up to 24 TW-3.0-T Load
Cells including Wireless Compressive Load Cells, Telemetry Tensile Links, and Telemetry
Load Shackles.

Key features

  • Monitor and log load data for up to 24 TW-3.0 -T compliant Load Cells.
  • Switch between 7 different weight units
  • Switch between tare weight and gross weight.


  • Weighing large structures.
  • Train/vehicle weighing.

Product specification

Part Number: 0001-1282
Equipment Required: Windows PC, TW-3.0-T compatible Load Cell, TW-3.0-T Handheld, Male USB to Male Micro USB Cable.
Display Units: Tonne, kN, KgF, Kg, Ib, tonne(US), kip
Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or above RAM: 512MB or above File Size: 11MB. CPU: 1GHz or faster processor Software Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or above.